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Ytre Hvaler Nationalpark and Frafjord

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Now we have to say goodbye to Germany for a while, which is really not difficult for us. Of course, we imported wine stocks (approx. 20 bottles) from Italy with foresight. On our first day in Norway, after a long journey in one piece through Denmark and Sweden, sunshine awaits us. Depending on the time of day, the temperatures feel like summer or arctic. The accommodation of our choice for the majority of the next 3 months shines in the sunset. Of course, a proper aperitivo was not to be missed.

Camping in Norwegen
First Night in Norway

Our first short hike the next day in the Ytre Hvaler National Park (archipelago) showed that hiking markings are also rather overrated in Norway. That means we got lost, of course. But the national park is beautiful and the weather is good too

In the afternoon in Skjearhalden we rewarded ourselves with an ice cream. Interestingly, we were able to find that 1 scoop of soft ice cream, according to the American principle, is more like a full meal. As a special highlight, we were able to find a fishmonger and so organized our dinner. Yes, despite plenty of sea access, there are seldom in Norway (after all, every Norwegian has a fishing rod)


Our Park4Night on Vesteroy at the harbor was extremely windy, but at the same time offered the ideal opportunity for an evening drone flight over the archipelago. At this point we still had very long days, sunset was around 10 p.m.

Vesteroy View over Ytre Hvaler Nationalpark
Vesteroy View over Ytre Hvaler Nationalpark
Vesteroy View over Ytre Hvaler Nationalpark
Vesteroy View over Ytre Hvaler Nationalpark

On the way north from Ytre Hvaler National Park we decided to skip Oslo. The weather was made for a day of driving, but definitely exciting for photography.

Hjartdal Rest Area Norway
Hjartdal Car Park

Honnevje Badeplass close to Homme Norway
Honnevje Badeplass close to Homme

The next day it was pure sunshine and we made our first kayak tour on the Frafjord (Dirdal). Very briefly only about 2.5 km, as we went straight to the Pulpit Rock for our first night in a tent. We launched our kayak in Dirdal, a very quiet place with small colorful huts right on the beach, as well as some beach apartments.

Dirdal Beach in Norway
Dirdal Kajak Launch (Sky perspective)

Dirdal Boat Houses Norway
Dirdal Boat Houses

Frafjord close to Dirdal Norway
Frafjord close to Dirdal

Kajak Dirdal Norway
Our Kayak


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