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We offer all kinds of photography and video projects. While we are travelling, we are always happy to realize special projects.


We love our work and for us it is also a way of getting better access to the country and its people. Let us help you to implement your ideas with creativity and professionalism.


We agree the conditions individually - depending on the order and scope of work.

Here you find a selection of our realized projects: 

Luciana Boffi Fashion Fotografie mmq-photography made in italy


 Luciana Boffi 

 Chiavenna, Italy 

 Shoes & accessories, made in Italy 


Team Adventure Madesimo Fotografie Tourismus Mountainbike Valchiavenna mmq photography


Team Adventure Madesimo 

Madesimo, Italy

Mountainbike tours and rental


Al Prestinee Fotoprojekt Valchiavenna Food Bäckerei Valchiavenna mmq photography


 Al Prestinee 

 Mese, Italy 

 Delicious bread, pizza, sweets and organic products 


Estancia Mercedes Chile Pferde Gaucho Photo Video Projekt Calafate Fest mmq photography


 Estancia Mercedes 

 Puerto Natales, Chile 

 Promotion for the Calafate Fest and the estancia 

Video- & Fotoprojekt

Fitness4Happyness Spicheren Russland St. Petersburg Fashion Video Foto Projekt mmq photography


Fitness 4 Happyness

Spicheren, France

Promotionvideo for the brand as well as

campaign and catalogue shooting

Video- & Fotoprojekt

Lebensschule Markus Portrait Fotoprojekt mmq photography



 Filderstadt, Germany 

 Portrait photography for the internet and social media presence 


Love Valchiavenna Tourismus Foto Video Projekt Italien mmq photography


 Love Valchiavenna 

 Valchiavenna, Italy 

 Photography and videos for the tourism website 

Video- & Fotoprojekt

Verwendete Software Fotografie Marion und Michael Marquardt

Equipment and post processing

We own modern photo and video technology, various lenses of high quality and stabilization technology for smooth high-quality videos. We also use drones for spectacular aerial shots. 

Post-processing of the photos and videos is an essential part of our work. We have extensive software packages from Adobe, including Lightroom and Premiere.

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