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Welcome to our travel and photography website. We are Marion and Micha, two photo- and videographers traveling the world. Together we are mmq-photography. You can find out more about us here. If you like our site and want to be informed about updates regularly, please register on our blog. In case of any questions or photo projects you want us to assist, please feel free to use one of the offered contact channels.

 Latest Update on our Travel Blog

Here you can see quickly what we did last and where we are right now. If you are interested in specific topics you will reach them faster with the below tags.

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Update: Finally, After Months of work our Movie is available.

 Here you can see our itinerary on the Panamericana in South America

Our last location is marked in yellow.

 Our personal highlights by country

The world is full of great places, distant countries and foreign cultures, we have already seen a lot, but we have a lot more to do on our trip. Here you can find the previous highlights in a regional overview.

If you move the mouse over the pictures, you can see the country or region. Did you have the right idea, where the picture was actually made?

 Gallery with our most beautiful pictures 

We have already made many beautiful pictures of stunning landscapes on secluded places up to strong characters  Portraits, the variety  is big. Here are our favorites.

Gallery Travel

Travel Photography Fotography Norway Michael Marquardt

Here you will find a compilation of our most expressive and impressive nature and landscape photographs

Gallery Wildlife

Wildlife Photography, Animal Photography mmq Photography Michael Marquardt

Observing and photographing animals in their natural environment is one of my favorite tasks

Gallery Aerial

Aerial and drone photography from the air

Aerial shots open up exciting and previously unknown perspectives

Gallery People

Portrait Photography Michael Marquardt Chiavenna People

A selection of our work on the subject of portrait photography and people

 Our Photo Projects

You can find photo projects for partners, companies or publications on various topics here. In case you need support with a foto or video project please don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to support you :-)

MMq photography by Marion & Michael Marquardt, Chiavenna - Lombardy - Italy

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