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Chile’s beautiful west coast – relaxing on the beaches of Maitencillo and Pichicuy

Finally off to the coast – ready for a surf
Sunny autumn days and few tourists – the off-season pays off
Endless sandy beaches invite for long walks
Chile’s sunsets – every day a new highlight

After a few weeks in northern Patagonia we reach the area around Santiago de Chile. The coast magically attracts us. For so long we had mountains, glaciers, volcanoes and other scenic highlights around us. Now we can hardly wait to get to the sea and feel some warmer temperatures. Here too, it is already late autumn, but sunny days with temperatures of almost 20 degrees are still tempting. After so much adventure and activity, our bodies crave some relaxation. We rent a small beach house in Maitencillo.

surfen chile maitencillo strand sonnenuntergang chillen
Ready for the perfect wave

This is also supposed to be a great surfing spot for beginners. We can't miss this. However, the 14 degrees water temperature is quite something to overcome despite wearing a thick wetsuit. Micha still can't resist and gives it a try. Depending on the day and the tide, it can be quite difficult for beginners. But practice makes perfect :-)

surfen chile maitencillo strand sonnenuntergang chillen
Practice makes perfect

I content myself with jogging on the beach. Splendid! Maitencillo's beach seems endless, and apart from weekends, you hardly see anyone at this time of year. Some bars and cafés are still open, so we can treat ourselves to a delicious cake every now and then. We usually spend the evening with a yoga session on the beach, combined with watching the sunset. They are simply magical on the west coast of Chile. Can't get enough of it.

surfen chile maitencillo strand sonnenuntergang chillen
Magical sunsets on Chile's coast

After a week we still haven't had enough of the sea and so we drive about 30 km north to the beach of Pichicuy. Also a surfing hotspot. Here too we are alone among a few surfers and fishermen. We enjoy the peace and quiet. The beach is even more endless than the one in Maitencillo and is in a nature reserve. I go jogging between the dunes and the sea and just feel free and happy. The relaxed rhythm is great for both of us. We follow our flow!

And when we finally recharged our batteries after about 2 weeks, we continue on to Argentina, more precisely the Mendoza wine region. Time to fill up on some wine :-)

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