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Our top 10 of the most beautiful places in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

Updated: Jan 10

Hello dear readers, of course the list of the 10 most beautiful places in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego is highly subjective and each of the mentioned places, as well as many unnamed places, deserve to be at the top. Nevertheless, after much back and forth, we decided to publish such a ranking. So have fun browsing.

1. Punta Ninfas, peninsula Valdes (Argentina)

This unique place on the Atlantic can only be reached via a 62 km long dirt road - but the drive is worth it. The view from the cliff is breathtaking and we are mostly alone. On the first day we can watch orcas from the cliff.

Valdes Halbinsel Punta Ninfas Orcas und Wale Beobachten Top 10 Patagonien Highlights Argentinien

2. Viedma Gletscher, El Chalten (Argentina)

The Viedma Glacier is part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. On the Huemul Circuit you hike along the ice field for several hours and have a truly spectacular view. The colors and textures of the endless ice field are unique.

Huemul Circuit, Huemul Trek, Argentinien Highlights Eisfeld Patagonien Sehenswürdigkeiten Viedma Gletscher

3. Grey glacier, Torres del Paine (Chile)

Torres del Paine National Park is certainly rich in other highlights, but our absolute favorite was the view of the Grey Glacier from John Gardner Pass. The pass is part of the world-famous O-Trek.

Torres del Paine, Chile Naturhighlights Sehenswürdigkeiten Grey Gletscher John Gardner Pass

4. Estancia Mercedes (Chile)

The estancia is very remote, on the Antonio Varas peninsula, and can only be reached by boat from Puerto Natales. It is truly a wild paradise that has already captivated National Geographic.

Estancia Mercedes Antonio Varas Chile Puerto Natales, Ranch Pferde Reiten abgelegen

5. Puerto Deseado (Argentina)

The very remote Puerto Deseado is also known as the Galapagos of Patagonia - well deserved, in our opinion. Nature and wildlife still seem intact here. The remote location on the Atlantic is characterized by an enormous diversity of species and is best explored by boat or kayak.

Puerto Deseado Rockhopper Pinguine Argentinien Highlights Atlantik Bootsausflug

6. Monte San Lorenzo (Chile)

The 3,706 m high Monte San Lorenzo is located on the Argentine-Chilean border in southern Patagonia and is one of the few high mountains outside the Patagonian ice field. The foot of the mountain can only be reached via an off-road track.

Monte San Lorenzo Chile Fundo San Lorenzo Highlights hoher Berg Gletscher

7. Puerto Raul Marin Balmaceda (Chile)

The small fishing town is located remotely on the Chilean Pacific coast and can only be reached by ferry. It is characterized by its vibrant wildlife and picturesque sunsets.

Raul Marin Balmaceda Fischerort Chile Pazifikküste Tiere beobachten Naturparadies Highlight

8. Dientes de Navarino, Tierra de Fuego (Chile)

The Dientes de Navarino trekking is voted by many people as the most beautiful trekking in Patagonia. In any case, the southernmost trek in the world is wild and beautiful.

Dientes de Navarino Trekking Feuerland Puerto Wiliams Highlight wild

9. Bariloche and its rugged mountains (Argentina)

Bariloche is probably one of the most famous spots in Argentina. It is also known as the Argentine Switzerland. The name doesn't come by chance. Rugged cliffs, picturesque mountain lakes and beautiful valleys are reminiscent of the Swiss Alps. A great hiking area with pleasant temperatures and little wind.

Bariloche schweiz Argentiniens, wandern Highlight Berge Trekking Hüttentour

10. Volcano Puyehue (Chile)

There are certainly enough volcanoes in Chile, which makes it difficult to choose. We chose the Puyehue. The view of the frozen crater from the top is unique. The desert-like ash and lava fields, as well as the panoramic view of many lakes and volcanoes in the region also contribute to the placement in our top 10.

Puyehue Vulkan Krater Ausbruch Chile Asche Lava Highlight



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