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Kaffeepause mit Freunden


Here we would like to share some interesting insights about vanlife with you. But what exactly does vanlife mean? As the name suggests, the concept means that the home of choice is a van or similar stuff and (most often) has 4 wheels. Of course, a home needs to be cared for and regularly serviced, and from time to time it also needs repairs. Since it takes us to many places that we would otherwise find difficult to reach, this is also a topic that we write about. It has to be said that we have to constantly acquire new knowledge in many of these subject areas, as we have neither offroad experience nor technical background. 


Of course, this blog is not only about our home in the actual sense, but also about the social and psychological aspects of long-term traveling. Furthermore, we also write about everyday topics for long-term travelers and such, which cannot be assigned to the everyday-life category, as it is influenced by the constantly changing environment. Everything's almost always new, for example planning projects or such trivial things as stocking up. It is also very important for us to give an honest picture of vanlife and long-term traveling.


We are currently on the Panamericana in South America.

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