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Luxury Shooting for F4H in St.Petersburg

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

In early January 2022 we were in freezing cold St. Petersburg for a luxurious shoot of the new brand Fitness for Happyness (F4H). The focus was on the first collection of sports tops and leggings for women.

For the location we chose a very interesting studio on a former military site. From the outside view, about the same as you would have imagined in Soviet times. Even getting there and navigating through the seemingly endless grey building area was tough. In addition, a significant amount of fresh snow created an almost surreal impression. From the inside, the photo studio with various themed rooms and modern technology was in complete contrast to the dreary outside world.

We worked with a total of 5 great models and several make-up artists and produced very classy low-key images. We were also able to shoot short video sequences in parallel. In the shots, we deliberately combined the fitness collection of the owner of F4H Irina with elaborate hairstyles and accessories. Of course, it was also particularly challenging that we were shooting with several models at the same time within one composition, which significantly increased the rate of potential mistakes. But since our models were very professional, we had a very productive shooting day overall and of course we were all knocked out in the evening.

Here you can find some selected results

Portrait Shooting St Petersburg Michael Marquardt

MMQ Photography by Michael Marquardt Portrait and Fashion Photography
Photographer at work

Besides the shooting, Marion and I spent a few more days in St. Petersburg. This is particularly charming at this time of the year when the lights go on in the evening and the whole city shines in festive lighting. The sun can hardly be seen at this time of the year, but if you get used to the short days, then "St.Pete" is definitely worth a trip even in winter. Especially from a cultural point of view, the possibilities seem limitless. A visit to the ballet and some of the numerous museums is definitely a must. With temperatures from -10 to -20 during the day, long underwear and thermal clothing must definitely be in your luggage. There is also no culinary wish left unfulfilled here, in addition to the very tasty, hearty Russian cuisine, you can of course also experience all kinds of international influences here.

All in all, a successful and extremely interesting start to the New Year.

About F4H

The truly global fitness brand is designed in France, the fashion capital of the world. Production is based in Brazil, where people are passionate about fitness and are known for celebrating body culture. FITNESS4HAPPYNESS is inspired by all the strong women who have the courage to face new challenges every day in every aspect of their life. The fitness clothing is characterized by unique designs and the highest quality. Because every woman is unique and deserves the best.

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