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Happy Birthday, Love Valchiavenna

One year ago my website was published. What a nice occasion to review the first year of Love Valchiavenna.

How did it come to Love Valchiavenna? I have been completely blown away since we discovered this beautiful area almost 4 years ago. In the meantime we have experienced so many beautiful things in all seasons that I wanted to share them in some way. In addition, there was little or no information at all in German about Valchiavenna. And so the idea was born to set up our own website with our tips for the region.

It was important to me to also get on board the local tourist office, so I got in touch. The idea was really well received and so I gained not only the Valchiavenna Tourist Association as a partner, but also supraregional organisations, such as inlombardia.

I started promoting the region and the website through Instagram. And there are already more than 700 followers. Check it out:

Of course, there was still a lot of work in SEO optimization to be found on Google. The website is now one of the first hits from "Valchiavenna". And the number of visitors is increasing steadily, mainly Swiss and Italians. I've had very positive feedback from a few. And last but not least, there were also a few personal meetings :-)

A big milestone for me this year was the article about Love Valchiavenna in the magazine "Valchiavenna Vacanze". I am constantly in contact with the local tourist office to provide content and photos. For the winter issue 2021/2022 we had the idea to publish an article about us. To be honest, I'm really proud of that. Micha already pusblished a blog on it.

You can read the whole article here.

Valchiavenna vacanze
Download PDF • 392KB

Of course, none of this would be possible without Micha's fantastic pictures and videos. And so Love Valchiavenna is an affair of the heart for both of us. We do what we love, go out into nature, experience, enjoy and share our tips with others. Of course, the website is constantly growing, especially now that Chiavenna has become our home :-)

Be sure to visit to get inspired.

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