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Publication in Tourist Magazine Valchiavenna Vacanze

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Marion is running a website about our new adopted home Chiavenna for some time now. This has also caused attention at the local tourism office, as there is so far very little information about the region in German. So we met with the responsible editors Carlotta and Gianluca and quickly realized that the chemistry was right and that we had a good basis for cooperation.

The editorial team suggested that we publish an article about ourselves in the autumn / winter issue. This article should of course be accompanied by beautiful winter photos from the region. So we answered the questions of the Italian colleagues who wanted to understand our motives, why we decided on this region and what moved Marion to set up her website.

For the winter photos we made a pre-selection from our pool and made them available to the colleagues who ultimately determined the final selection and the layout.

Valchiavenna Vacanze Italy Michael and Marion Marquardt Publication for tourist office
Valchiavenna Vacanze no. 63

Extract from the Article

Snowflakes represent the butterflies in wintertime. A charming quote indeed from, and sums up rather well the poetic nature that animates the project initiated by the German couple who have now become very much at home in Valchiavenna.

Texts overseen by Marion and the magnificent photos executed by Michael constitute a precious promotional guide for German-speaking tourists who can discover and get to know our delightful Alpine corners and treats simply by taking advantage of this fine couple's experiences. "We have already explored a great deal of the valley but there's plenty left to discover. So the site will develop continually " Marion assures " and we regularly receive comments and appreciation from lots of people, especially on social networks. And this is a delight and encourages us to take things forward".

About Valchiavenna

Valchiavenna is a gem for outdoor fans and connoisseurs . The region is very well developed for tourism and has at the same time retained its authenticity. You will find numerous natural highlights away from the crowds, real hospitality and a piece of Italian quality of life. High mountains lie very close to wide valleys - the variety couldn't be greater. Especially in spring and autumn you can decide every day whether you want to go on a snowshoe hike in the high mountains or enjoy the summer temperatures in the valley. Numerous lakes, waterfalls and rivers invite you to swim or do other water sports activities .

In addition, there is the extremely high quality gastronomy in Valchiavenna. Chiavenna is so-called Citta Slow - highlighting sustainable tourism and regional cuisine. If you are interested in the region, visit Marions website for more information

You can find an excerpt from the extended selection of my winter photos in the gallery

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