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Island hopping Lovund and Traena

On the way north towards Lofoten, we decide to stop on some of the countless islands in Norway.

These can usually be reached with the speed boat but often also with the car ferry. We decide on the latter, especially since we can also take our overnight accommodation with us. Anyways when we arrived at Lovund with the car ferry, we checked in to a nice hotel including a delicious dinner.

Next day we went on one of our most difficult hikes for us in Norway, the Lovundfjiellet (600 m altitude, 3.5 km). It doesn't sound like that spectacular at first, but it was tough and it was almost a continuous climb. Especially since the ground was properly softened by the precipitation.

Climbing the Lovundfjiellet on Lovund Islands Norway Hiking Landscape
Climbing the Lovundfjiellet

On the way back it didn't get any easier, but the view of the surrounding islands and the mainland from the high plateau was definitely worth it.

Breathtaking view from Lovundfjiellet, Norway Islands Hiking Nature
Breathtaking view from Lovundfjiellet

In the evening we were expeled from our Park4Night by a woman because her kittens "urgently needed to get some sleep". Of course, we depply understood that and instead stayed next to the Islands cemetery. Not bad at all, as we were able to fill up our water tanks there.

The next day we made a day trip to Traena. An absolute highlight on Traena is the view on the neighboring island, Sanna.

View from Traena to Sanna Islands Norway Hiking Landscape Mountains
View from Traena to Sanna

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