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Hike to the Skalabu when winter sets in in August

Tuesday is unfortunately still drawn and rainy until noon. The Norwegian weather report, however, promises perfect weather for the evening - we leave for the hike. The path is brutally steep - no surprise with just under 2,000 meters in altitude on a distance of only 8 km.

Mount Skala in Norway, Skalabu Snow Fjord
Climbing Mount Skala

The path is well developed up to the last third (through Nepalese Scherpas), after that there is either only scree fields or it is hidden in the snow. The weather and the falling temperatures contribute to the fact that we are happy about the steep ascent, so we stay warm. In the last part, however, we really have to fight and climb even a bit. The rain has now turned into a snow storm. When we have reached the plateau and are eagerly looking for the hut, the hut keeper comes towards us and announces that he has already heated up and melted some water. We were the first of 6 guests announced.

Before meeting the hut keeper, we thought we had reached our destination several times, but in the snowstorm it pointed out that we only saw large rocks and not the hut. But a couple of minutes later we actually made it and were happy to finally warm up.

The other guests (all Norwegians) also rolled in bit by bit. We had a great dinner and a great atmosphere together. The new Skala hut can almost be described as luxurious. Nobody had to sleep in the old tower because it was not heated due to the few guests.

With the last daylight, the clouds disappeared and we had a perfect clear night. Micha used this of course to take pictures.

Old Skalabu in Sunset, Norwegen Highlights beautiful Landscape
Old Skalabu in Sunset

View on Fjord from Skalabu on Mount Skala in Norway, Highlights
As the clouds vanish, the Fjord appears in sunset

So by then it had been already worth it. In order not to miss the sunrise, we set the alarm clock. It's unbelievable and really difficult to describe what was waiting for us in the morning - a 360 ° view over mountains, glaciers, lakes and the fjord. The approx. 30cm fresh snow contributes to the breathtaking panorama.

The mornings -5 ° C were also a challenge for our drone. However, the temperatures rise significantly after sunrise - at least it feels like it.

Sunrise close to Skalabu, Hiking Norway Highlights Best of
Sunrise close to Skalabu

The descent on the way back seemed not to stop and was really disgusting. We needed about 4 hours (similar to the ascent). That means sore muscles and knee pain the next day, but we know what for !!!


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