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Fotosafari on the Lofoten Islands

After a couple of complications such as a ferry timetable change for the winter months (from September!) And a visit to the hospital (Marion's cystitis has not yet cured), we arrive in Lofoten. The ferry took us from the mainland to Lodingen.

The weather is now getting more and more unstable and the forecasts are not getting better - we already decide to break up our tents in Norway after the Lofoten Islands. The next day, completely unexpectedly we had clear sky and sunshine.

Close to Laupstad View from the main road Lofoten Norway Highlights
Close to Laupstad View from the main road

We see this as a gift and decide to go on a photo safari, which is totally atypical for us. But where if not in Lofoten! We plan to accommodate as many stops as possible within a day.

And we have to admit that we have never seen such a dnsity of highlights - simply wonderful.

We visit Hauklandstranda, a Caribbean-style beach, Nusfjord a touristic fishing village, the well-known fisherman's hut near Ramberg, the Henningsvaer football stadium, Fredvang bro and of course Hamnoy and a lot more.

Million Dollar view on Hamnoy in Norway Lofoten Highlights Best Foto Spots
Million Dollar view on Hamnoy

Fredvang bro from the sky  Lofoten Norway Photo Highlights
Fredvang bro from the sky

Famous Fishermans hut close to Ramberg Norway Foto Highlights Lofoten
Famous Fishermans hut close to Ramberg

Footbal Stadium in Henningsvaer Best Foto Stops Norway Lofoten
Footbal Stadium in Henningsvaer

Next day the weather is really nasty and we are drawn away from Norway. Since we are not allowed to travel via Finland due to Corona, we drive completely through Sweden and via Stockholm and Copenhagen back to Germany and to the next destination country - Poland.

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