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Rabothytta above the clouds

By chance we heard about the unique Rabothytta near the Okstindbreen Glacier. Unfortunately, the DNT hut is only accessible to members of the Norwegian Alpine Club. We did some research and finally end up with the local DNT administrator. In exchange for a bottle of good Italian red wine, we got the key and the allowance to stay in the hut.

The weather is mixed during the day, but again promises a clear night and a wonderful sunrise. Let's go!! Due to the fact that the weather is not getting better, luckily the hike is relatively easy (500 m altitude, approx. 2 hours ascent). It's very foggy and it keeps raining.

When we arrive, a Norwegian couple is already there and has heated the room and melted some water. The hut turns out to be a real palace not only because of the unique architecture (it has nothing to do with a refuge or simple shelter). We enjoy the evening with a glass of red wine and chips and set the alarm clock for sunrise as usual.

Rabothytta at Okstindbreen Glacier, Norway, DNT hut
Rabothytta in Sunrise

At sunrise we have about half an hour before the clouds cover everything again. But that's enough - again a real WOW experience. The 360° view of the Okstindbreen Glacier is breathtaking.

360° Panorama over Okstindbreen Glacier from Rabothytta Norway Highlight
360° Panorama over Okstindbreen Glacier

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