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Overnight Kayak tour from Eidfjord to Ulvik with obstacles

After 4 exhausting days, it's time to take a break, we continue to Eidfjord and go straight to the beach. By the way, Norwegians take a bath at any temperature.

Taking a bath in Eidfjord
Taking a bath in Eidfjord

We later decide to spend the night in the parking lot directly on the beach. This way we can start the 2-day kayak tour to Ulvik as early as possible tomorrow. Unfortunately, things turned out differently ... The next morning the shock, our kayak had a leak and we weren't able to seal it in a hurry to set off on the same day. Patience is now required the glue used has a drying time of 24 hours. We are not sure whether it is worth the wait and whether our very improvised construction is really holding tight. Spare parts are not available here far away from the big cities. Almost 24 hours later, the kayak is fixed and we set off (to be on the safe side with the bulky air pump on board). Eidfjord to Ulvik is about 17km (one way) on the water. Of course, our tent, the air mattress and sleeping bags as well as food are also on board. It's good that we have a touring kayak for 3 people.

Starting our Kayak Tour from Eidfjord to Ulvik
Starting our Kayak Tour from Eidfjord to Ulvik

We had excellent weather during the 2 days, the sun really worked for us. Unfortunately, after a few hours of rowing, Micha had a slight sunstroke. Taking a break turned out to be very difficult, as the riverbank mostly sloped off very steeply. Enjoying nature from the water was wonderful, especially since there were hardly any ships and especially no cruise lines. For a while we were escorted by dolphins.

Eidfjord from Bird's eye view
Eidfjord from Bird's eye view

Ulvik itself is a nice town known for growing apples, so the apple pie in the cafe was also very tasty. We deserved it too! Unfortunately, we had overestimated the opening times of the small local supermarket (we had forgotten to pack chocolate), so we stood in front of closed doors. We went to a hotel and bought 2 ciders, chips and a chocolate bar for 30 EUR. We should have asked for the price before.

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