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Juklavass Glacier, Blue Ice Tour

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

With blisters on our feet back from the Folgefonna hike, we stayed at a very nice campsite in Bondhus. The next day we booked the "Blue Ice Glacier Tour" on the Juklavass Glacier. The 40 participants were divided into different groups after an initial test. Since we were among the fastest, we joined the group for the "well trained".

Tour on Juklavass Glacier Blue Ice Tour Norway
Tour on Juklavass Glacier

To be honest, we were prepared for a less demanding, leisurely hike, but the pace was decent. The constant change between scree and ice with crampons took some time getting used to. The glacier tour was very interesting, we learned a lot about the glacier and how to behaves on it. But the blisters hadn't gotten any better in the evening and tomorrow Trolltunga was waiting.

Calving Juklavass glacier edge Norway
Calving Juklavass glacier edge

Incidentally, the ski area on the glacier is only open in summer, as the extreme snowfall in winter makes it impossible to clear the roads.

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