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Promotion Video for FITNESS4HAPPYNESS (F4H)

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

For the launch of the luxurious fitness clothing brand F4H, the task was to convey the message of the brand and the founder in a short video. The video was designed for her own Instagram channel as well as for the website.

We shot a large part in the house of Irina, the founder of F4H, in Lorraine region (FR) near the German border and Saarbrücken. The challenge was to produce a video that was as expressive and meaningful as possible on a small budget.

The storyline of the video starts after getting up and doing a little stretching and styling in the bathroom. It accompanies the protagonist Irina through her day. As always, the schedule is quite full as a mother and self-employed business woman. So she manages to join sports, job and her little daughter together. Always with her the clothing from F4H, which meets high standards in terms of sportiness, comfort and, last but not least, optics.

In addition to me as a videographer, we also had support from the hair and makeup artist Alexander Becker. His CV contains decades of expertise, working for large labels and magazines in Milano, New York and Hollywood, among others. For this reason luckily he was able to provide input well beyond his actual area of ​​expertise. Fortunately, the chemistry in our group worked really well in the collaboration. In the video and in the latter gallery you can see Alex and me at work.

Making off Video


The truly global fitness brand is designed in France, the fashion capital of the world. Production is based in Brazil, where people are passionate about fitness and are known for celebrating body culture. FITNESS4HAPPYNESS is inspired by all the strong women who have the courage to face new challenges every day in every aspect of their life. The fitness clothing is characterized by unique designs and the highest quality. Because every woman is unique and deserves the best.

Few more Pictures behind the Scene

Last but not least, I want to present the final product to you. After the tons of video material had been cut together, I made a first proposal for Irina, which we could then finalize together in further sessions. In the end, we created a one-minute short video that made Irina completely happy.

F4H Promotion Video

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