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Portrait shoot for Markus and the "Lebensschule"

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Markus started his own business with a lot of passion and dedication with a really important topic. He helps people in difficult situations to find their way back to a normal and happy life.

Markus was looking for portrait photos for his internet and social media presence. These should come across as natural as possible and present him as he really is. For the Shooting, we looked for a very nice location not far from his home in Filderstadt - the Weilerhau, a forest area with many beautiful corners for photography. The weather was kind to us too, so we had a nice, sunny October afternoon. Markus' wife, son and their golden retriever were also there. Therefore, the relaxed atmosphere was almost inevitable. We photographed a lot while in motion and in spontaneous, unexposed situations. Markus was definitely very satisfied with the pictures and is busy designing his website with them. Have a look at his homepage!

The topic that Markus takes on has many names - depression, burnout, life crisis - and can have many causes. But one thing is certain, it is unfortunately more relevant than ever. Because more and more people are in need of help. Markus is definitely a great conversation partner and contact point here.

About Markus and the "Lebensschule"

My name is Markus Bräutigam and I am the founder of the "Lebenschule" - A Whole Life. For many years I have been accompanying people in challenging life situations, from a broken, painful life to a whole life, a life that feels good, on the journey back to oneself, as a companion, as a helper, as a spiritual life advisor .

I went to school like normal children, did my A Level, went to the military service, became sensible and grown up, studied business informatics, got my diploma and in no time I was a manager in a large automotive company with a star and ended up in Swabia.

Not many people knew about me that my heart beats more for learning with people and accompanying them. Throughout my life people kept coming up to me and telling me about their strokes of fate, sometimes it was enough to listen, but mostly I accompanied people for a while and gave them advice every now and then and was happy about their developments and their growth. With the establishment of the "Lebensschule" - A Whole Life, a long-awaited dream comes true: to bring back the smile for all people, both children and adults. So that they can live their lives. I look forward to everything and am grateful for everything.

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