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New year, new life ...

The new year 2022 has just begun. We celebrated New Year's Eve with friends in St. Petersburg and are back at our house in Plüderhausen. Most of the boxes are already packed, we'll take care of the rest. For us, the new year means a new life. Get away from everyday life, our work and our house. Our plan is to travel a lot. Specifically, the Panamericana is on the agenda. We don't yet know exactly what it looks like. Due to the corona pandemic, it is still difficult to plan. We want to leave for Uruguay in September and start our journey from there. Our expedition mobile, called Hugo, is ready to go.

First we move to our apartment in Italy, in beautiful Chiavenna. We discovered the place almost 4 years ago and fell in love more and more. Here we feel at home. This is also the reason why we keep the apartment as our place to go. We break up with our house in Plüderhausen, which we built. Saying goodbye to the house isn't too difficult, but it's all the more to say goodbye to friends, neighbors and colleagues in the region. But that's part of it.

plüderhausen haus heimat
View of Plüderhausen

Now sunny Italy is waiting for us. First we want to recharge our batteries and do a lot of snowboarding. And beyond that we have many other activities on the bucket list, in Valchiavenna and in the rest of the world. Be sure to watch our video and stay tuned :-)

chiavenna valchiavenna
View from our flat in Chiavenna

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