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The Transfagarasan - Romania's most famous pass

We still have a few days to go in Romania before we leave the beautiful country for Macedonia. We don't want to miss the famous pass, which is especially popular with motorcyclists. And the good thing is, there is even a place to stay up there. We have already made a reservation for 2 nights in the Cabana Balea Lac. The pass road is really a highlight as it winds up in tight turns to around 2,000 m of altitude. There are countless parking lots along the way from which you can enjoy the view. And for us it is also ideal to spend the last Romanian Lei on delicacies such as cheese, honey and chocolate.

Trasfagarasan rumänien pass balea see view
Trasfagarasan, Romania's most famous pass road

We soon arrive at the top. Lake Balea is idyllically situated at 2,000 m and our accomodation is right at the lakeshore. Fresh fish from the lake is served for dinner. Yummy!

Golden hour Lake Balea transagarasan romania
Golden hour at Lake Balea

The next day we want to hike to the highest point of the pass. It's very windy and cold up there - but we're used to the harsh climate of the Carpathian mountains. We cross the ridge, and what can I say, it really is a tightrope walk. The view is breathtaking. I think photos say more than words here.

And last but not least we have a short video for the "reel feel" :-)

After about 3 weeks we leave Romania and are still enthusiastic about the hospitality and warmth. We were welcomed in an extremely friendly manner everywhere. And Romanian cuisine is phenomenal too. We will be back!

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