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Preikestolen by Night

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Hike on the Preikestolen with overnight stay!

We started in the late afternoon and most of the day hikers were already on their way back. We reached our destination after about 2 hours of hiking on a steep path with a lot of scree. Of course, we weren't the only ones with the idea of spending the night out there. So we stayed at this special place with about a dozen other people. Due to the heavy rain the day before, the ground was very muddy, but after some searching and a little climbing we were able to find a nice spot for our tent. The night was pleasantly "warm" and we had a luxurious sleep, not least because of our new air mattress. What can you say, as soon as the crowds are gone, you will also find the necessary tranquility to enjoy this magical place. Simply over 600m vertically sloping rock face, unbelievably impressive

Preikestolen Norway Hiking Highlights
Preikestolen Exklusive

After returning from Preikestolen, we found this beautiful Park4Night at Josenfjord with a picnic table. One of the most beautiful places to stay in Norway

Rest Area Josenfjord, Park4Night, Norway
Park4Night at Josenfjord
Josenfjord at Night, Norway
View on Josenfjord at Nighttime

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