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Osorno Volcano - Chile's little Fuji

The 2,652 m high volcano is reminiscent of Japan's big brother
Magnificent sunsets at the base of the volcano in Ensenada
We explore the perfectly symmetrical volcano from north and south
Panorama views from the top of Cerro La Picada

For some time now we have been in the Los Lagos region, one of the most volcanic areas in Chile. Not all volcanoes are still active, including Osorno, which last erupted in 1869 and is now glaciated. On the back there is now a small ski area. It's closed at the end of March, but we still want to spend a night at the base station to take pictures at the best photography times. Unfortunately the weather is not quite perfect. As so often in the last few weeks, it is constantly changing, from sun to rain. In addition, fog is often involved in the Valdivian rainforest. Still, the place is magical. We do a little hike around the so-called red crater. Great recordings are made.

Osorno volcano base station, Vulcan Chile
View from the base of the Osornos volcano

The view from the small town of Ensenada, at the foot of the volcano, is also fantastic - Lago Llanquihue in the foreground. A wonderful panorama.

Lago Llanquihue Osorno Volcano Vulcanos Chile most beautiful active volcanos

Actually, we had planned to climb the vulcano, but that is not possible at the end of the summer because the glacier has retreated too much. Unfortunately, this has been a normal phenomenon in recent years since the nearby Calbuco volcano erupted in 2016. The ash fall and sediments dramatically increased glacier retreat. We decide to admire the volcano from the north side. In the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, a hike leads to the summit of Cerro La Picada. From there we have wonderful views of the volcano and the surrounding lakes. And we're on our own again.

Summit of Cerro La Picada, Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, Chile Osorno Vulcano volcano hike highlight
View from the top of Cerro La Picada

With these impressive shots we say goodbye to the Osorno volcano... But the next volcano is already waiting in the Puyehue National Park.

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