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Multi-day hike in the Jotunheimen National Park

We arrived in Jotunheimen National Park ("Home of the Giants"), the largest in Norway. There is still real wilderness here and, completely unusual for Norway, hardly any mobile network. We are shortening the classic 5-day roundtrip hike with around 100km to a 3-day hike with around 40km. Planning is one thing, reality is another. After 8 km we set up camp (half of our day's goal). The weather had changed completely during the first few kilometers and a heavy and freezing rain came down on us. So when we found shepherds' huts with possibilities for shelter, we decided without further ado to spend the night there. So we stayed the first night in our tent.

Heavy Rainfall in Jotunheimen at Russvatnet, Norway, Nature, Landscape
Heavy Rainfall in Jotunheimen at Russvatnet

A beautiful quiet place and even the weather cleared up again. Michael tried his luck fishing - unfortunately we had only lentils again for dinner.

Shepherd's huts with a grass roof on Russvatnet, Norway, Landscape, Nature
Shepherd's huts with a grass roof on Russvatnet

It was clear to us that on day 2 we had to make up for our neglect from the previous day. We needed to pave our way through very impassable paths for more than 20km - our nerves were on edge. Our deviation from the ideal line meant that Michael always wanted to walk along the banks of the Russvatnet. Marion followed the paths. So we separated temporarily, only to find each other again some time later, almost by accident. In the end, we were almost as fast. But Michaels new theory "There is always a way on the bank" was born.

View on Russvatnet from hiking path Norway, Nature hiking, national park
View on Russvatnet from hiking path

After what felt like an eternity and crossing one last pass, we arrived at the Memerubu hut, where a warm bed and a 3-course meal was waiting for us. The atmosphere was a bit like a school camp, but the food was great. It was curious that the hut keeper gave a 30-minute speech before dinner. We could only guess what it was about (Corona?) - but we were so hungry that it was on our nerves.

Close to  Memurubu Hut, Norway, National Park, Nature, Hiking
Close to Memurubu Hut

The last day tour in the Jotunheimen National Park promised to be "easy" - with 11km relatively short and always along the lake. Unfortunately, the path was again very stony and slippery with sometimes steep climbs. Back in Gjiendesheim by the car, we really deserved the ice cream.

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