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Lake Ohrid - the Macedonian Sea

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

At the end of our stay in Macedonia we go to Lake Ohrid, the oldest lake in Europe. As always, we don't have a fixed schedule and see how we like it there. Our first stop is the city of Ohrid.

Sveti Jovan Kaneo ohrid
Church of Holy John Kaneo in Ohrid

We don't arrive until late in the evening, when it's long been dark. We booked a small accommodation in the old town in advance. Since we no longer have mobile network outside the EU, we downloaded the navigation before. And so we drive through the middle of the old town with our van and the streets get more and more narrow. In the end, we are in a dead lock due to roadworks. Oh dear! Luckily, a very nice resident took over and maneuvered us to a large parking lot. From there it is only a few meters to go to our accommodation. How lost you are without Google Maps :-(

The next day we stroll through the beautiful old town, along the lakeshore and to the famous church of Holy John Kaneo. A picturesque panorama.

Ohrid is also known for its pearls, which are painted from the scales of a fish that only lives in this lake. That would be a perfect gift for our mothers. Spontaneously, we enter a jewelry store and negotiate a great price. Afterwards we learn that the original pearls are only made by two local jeweler families Talevi und Filevi ... our dealer was called differently.

The next few days we drive along the shores of Lake Ohrid and enjoy the sunny autumn days. Our kayak can finally be used again. However, Lake Ohrid can be pretty stormy :-)

Further south we stop at some beautiful beaches, including the fishing village of Trpecja. You could almost think we are by the sea.

In Galicica National Park, which is located in the surrounding mountains, we do another hike to the Two Lakes View Point. From there we have a view of Lake Ohrid and the neighboring Lake Prespa, which are connected via underground. The way to the pass is tough again, but we are quite well trained now. Up there you can no longer feel the lake's Mediterranean climate and there is a rough wind. But the view is gigantic.

A dignified farewell to Macedonia. After a last night with a view of Lake Ohrid, we continue to Albania the next day.

ohridsee lake ohrid mazedonien sundowner
Golden hour at Lake Ohrid


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