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Ksamil Paradise Beaches, all on our own

It's the end of October. Tourists can hardly be found here at the southernmost tip of Albania. We landed in Ksamil, just before the Greek border and not far from the island of Corfu. Marion showed me pictures of the lovely beaches, I was more than thrilled - so we had to make a stop here. We used various forums to research a lonely bay that could be accessed directly by car. Our goal was to spend the night in the first row by the sea. We didn't find the actually targeted bay but Instead, after a little odyssey, we found this one. It was just what we were looking for, so we decided to stay without further ado. No words can describe this place - simply breathtaking!

Lonely Bay Close to Ksamil Park4Night Beach Albania
Lonely Bay Close to Ksamil

At the risk of repeating myself, simply fantastic, so we decided to stay a few days. Ksamil was within walking distance, so we didn't have to move our VW bus to go shopping. Breakfast and dinner on the beach, perfect weather, no neighbors, what could be more on the wish list

On the second evening we met a French guy who was looking excitedly at the sea searching for his friends who had set out for Corfu in a kayak. The sea was becoming a bit wild in the late afternoon. We talked for a while and tried to spot the boat on the sea, but there was no sign. The next morning we got to know that the French had landed back in Albania shortly after dark. Even before talking to our French friend, we also had the idea of ​​going to Corfu. The sea was relatively calm, ferries, cruise ships, etc. were hardly on our paddle line in the times of Corona. The distance wasn't really a big challenge for us either. Officially entry from Albania was of course forbidden, but we just wanted to have a coffee and an ice cream (which was rather nonsense given the three times higher price, but unfortunately awesome). Our destination was quickly identified - a small but nice marina on Corfu called Agios Stefanos Harbor.

Agios Stefanos Harbour Korfu Greece Corfu Albania
Agios Stefanos Harbour

So we set sail and after bit more then an hour we entered Stefanos Harbor. There we still met various tourists from Germany. But anyways a really quiet and contemplative place with wonderful, typically Greek taverns. The coffee and ice cream were now obligatory as a reward. After chilling for a few hours, we left again. But not before Marion was able to get hold of a beautiful summer dress in a boutique at the marina. I have to admit that I got increasingly nervous after she was trying it on for the 10th time. Remember the sea was becoming always a bit wild in the last few days towards evening. But the return trip went smoothly, so we were able to add another country to our 3-month sabbatical.

Furthermore we had heard of the "Ksamil Islands" and saw pictures. The islands could be found not far from the mainland. So the next day we grabbed our kayak again without further ado and set off. With Marion's new acquisition on board, as we spontaneously planned to do a short photo shoot on the lonely island. This trip was definitely worth it too.

Ksamil Island Albania Most beautiful beaches
Ksamil Island from Birds Perspective


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