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The blue ice of Kennicott glacier

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We head east to Wrangell-St.-Elias National Park. With almost 50,000 km², it is not only the largest one in Alaska, but also in the USA. Even the journey via McCarthy Road is exciting. It is about 100 km of gravel road; we have to watch out for potholes and old railroad nails as hell and are therefore traveling at an average of 20 km / h. A test of patience :-)

McCarthy Road Wrangell Elias Nationalpark
McCarthy Road

Elch McCarthy road
On our way we meet some moose
Aussicht Kennicott McCarthy Road
Spectacular views on the way to Kennicott

At the end of the street is McCarthy and the former Kennicott copper mine. First we go to the local pub and to warm up and have a delicious burger. The residents are very friendly and borrow us a book with regional hiking maps. That can't hurt, because you can find almost no information online and signposted hiking trails just do not exist.

The copper mine of Kennicott

The next day we want to explore the Kennicott Glacier. And what can I say - it's indescribable. I haven't seen such a beautiful, pure glacier until now. Blue Ice everywhere you look.

The glacier gives you the feeling of being very small. This endless space and wilderness makes me very humble. And that's still what inspires me about Alaska.

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