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Kenai - Alaska in miniature

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

At the beginning of our Alaska tour we made our way to the Kenai Peninsula. It is also called Alaska in miniature. Although it makes up less than 2.5% of the area of ​​Alaska, it is just as diverse in terms of both landscape and wildlife. There are glaciers, ice fields, lakes, rivers, as well as all animal species native to Alaska - except the arctic ones.

black bear alaska kenai skilak lake
Black bear on Skilak lake

We changed our route due to the weather but we definitely wanted to come back at the end of our Alaska trip. And in fact we got it off optimally in terms of the weather! You could almost call it the beginning of summer. For the first time we wore t-shirts and shorts (from time to time) :-)

seward highway kenai alaska creek
One of the countless creeks on Seward Highway

We enjoy the way to Homer and cannot help but be amazed. There are beautiful beaches along the coast that are ideal for a stroll. And there you can watch bald eagles and golden eagles for hours.

Finally we stay two nights in Homer, the halibut capital on Kachemak Bay. Everywhere we find offers for fishing trips to try your luck yourself. For us the selection in the small restaurants on Homer Spit is all we need and so we taste the local fish and seafood there.

homer spit kenai alaska
Homer Spit
kachemak bay homer kenai alaska
View on Kachemak bay

With a heavy heart we make our way back from Homer. We really want to see Seward with its glaciers and ice fields. On the way there is a rafting tour on the Kenai River. Since the water level is still relatively low, it is more of a calm ride. But all the better to take some good photos without taking too much risk :-)

Seeadler kenai rafting
Bald eagle after taking a bath

Once in Seward, we are excited about the local cuisine and coffee culture! You can also tell that there is a little more tourist infrastructure here. At the end of May there is still little going on, thank God, and especially no cruise ships are on the way. So we almost have the Resurrection Bay to ourselves. We go on a kayak tour with two local guides and enjoy the peace and quiet on the sea.

sea kajak seward alaska kenai
Sea kajak tour in Seward

On the last day on Kenai we want to see the Harding Ice Field. With over 7800m² it is the origin of many glaciers on the Kenai Peninsula. We walk steadily up the path and soon reach the snow line. Nevertheless, we still go to the edge of the ice field and there is glacier ice as far as the eye can see. An unbelievable view. And as so often in Alaska, we feel very small again.

harding icefield alaska kenai glacier
Harding icefield

Our 4-week vacation in Alaska ends with this adventure. And it is clear to us even before we leave that we will come back. With better equipment and a lot more time with us :-)

alaska harding icefield happy
Alaska - we will come back :-)

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