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Hiking to Trolltunga

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

In order to save 8 km to the Trolltunga, we paid an additional 10 EUR for a higher parking space in addition to the 50 EUR parking fee. We met the requirements for this parking lot with a maximum height of 2m without any problems (1.99m). Nevertheless, we still had to cover 20km. It took us 7 hours 2way. The hike turned out to be tedious, but very easy. The information on the website was aimed more at Instagram tourists. In terms of landscape, the hike offers many highlights and beautiful photo spots.

Trolltunga Norway Hiking
Taking a break & Enjoying the view

Camping is possible on Trolltunga, but there are few really good campsites because the terrain is very stony. The nature park administration also advises against camping, as it damages or destroys many plants. From a photographic point of view, I would recommend either starting out at night or packing a tent so that the lighting conditions are as perfect as possible. If you are finally in the line for the rock platform, you should have thought of a pose by then at the latest. Quickly disinfect your hands on the specially installed machine - and off you go!

Trolltunga, Norway, Hiking
Finally There, Posing on Trolltunga

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