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Hike to the Fonnabu Hut and the Folgefonna Glacier (aka Pink Lady)

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Sunndal is start of the hike to the Fonnabu DNT hut of the Norwegian Alpine Club is. After only a few minutes you can reach Bondhusvatnet, a picturesque mountain lake. Here you meet a lot of tourists. But it's worth it, a really nice place for a day trip or a picnic too.

Ruderboot auf dem Bondhusvatnet Norwegen Bergsee
The boat in the Bondhusvatnet

The hike to reach the Folgefonna hut is in total an approx. 6 hours trip. You will pass steep scree fields with a view on rustic huts with grass roofs and some glacier arms.

The Fonnabu hut, has more than 30 beds and is very well equipped with food and firewood. However, there is no wine supply at the hut :-). But that was quickly remedied, we make friends with nice Norwegians who share their wine with us. In general, it is advisable to book the hut early as the demand is very high. We were able to get a room at short notice (Corona makes it possible)

The view from the hut is simply breathtaking !!! Of course, it is worth taking photos here at sunrise and sunset. In the evening light as the sun sets, the Folgefonna Glacier turns pink, hence the name Pink Lady

DNT Fonnabu Hut Norway Glacier
DNT Fonnabu Hut during sunset

Folgefonna Glacier (Alias Pink Lady) Norway Fonnabu
Folgefonna Glacier (Pink Lady)


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